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IT Equipment Disposal Dublin Ireland

 At, Techmaic Recycling, we offer efficient and cost effective IT Disposal Services. Your surplus computers and other IT equipments will not be a problem for you anymore. With our fleet of vehicles, we provide a collection and disposal service of IT equipment including old phone systems, photocopiers and much more. Our experience allows us to recycle both hazardous and non-hazardous IT equipment with zero impact upon environment.
Our IT Equipment Disposal Services Dublin
We provide a range of IT Equipment Disposal Services with secure and comprehensive data removal options. We collect and dispose the following IT Equipment:
  • PC Recycling
  • CRT Monitors Recycled
  • TFT Monitors Recycled
  • Phone Systems Recycling
  • Faxes Machines Recycled
  • Photocopiers Recycled
  • Printer Recycling
  • Computer Media including Software, Tape, CD & DVD

Call us today on 01 830 8475 or 086 858 8208 to find out how we can help you dispose of your office IT equipment in a socially responsible way
IT Equipment Recycling
Computer Recycling - IT Equipment Recycling
Secure Data Wiping
Secure Data Wiping - Secure Data Removal
Asset Tracking
Equipment Recycling Asset Tracking
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