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Techmatic was founded in 1993 and specialise in Electronic & Computer Equipment Recycling. We have the dedicated knowledge, experience, equipment and staff to provide exceptional services in confidential waste management, storage & destruction.

Our primary focus is on providing the optimum waste management solution for our Clients though the application of best practice systems. So whether it is Secure Destruction of Data Tapes, Hard Drives or other Electronic Media or Confidential Storage of associated equipment and data, Techmatic will customise the appropriate solution to best meet Client needs. At Techmatic, we pride ourselves on maintaining cutting-edge procedures and processes and our systems are approved and accredited by EQA to ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Standards. We are a fully licensed Waste Management Facility: WPT 137 and the holder of Waste Collection Permit CP D384/3.
Our Clients include Government Departments, Schools and Colleges, Business, Banking & Financial Institutions, Data Centre, Computer re-sellers & IT Specialists. The scale of our business ranges from individual items of equipment through to fully integrated Waste Management Systems for Multi-Nationals.
We collect, store and manage all Waste Electronic & Computer Equipment and deliver the processed recycled materials to approved fully licensed facilities for re-integration into the supply chain. Through an extensive network of approved specialist partners, we have the capacity to provide a total Waste Management Solution to meet all requirements.
Techmatic Recycling Services encourages companies to take a proactive approach to material disposition for returned material from every perspective, including: regulatory, environmental and the benefits of harvesting good products for re-use.Techmatic take the lead in the effort to address the reverse flow of the supply chain in a competitive context. It has proved that this challenging activity can record spectacular successes.
We respond to our customers changing demands in the Electro/Mechanical and Software Sectors, to be compliant with the law, to control pollution, to provide high levels of Communication and to offer continuous improvement.

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